‘Acupuncture ended our 3 year wait for a baby’   ~ Woman age 31

 Warm & friendly service first class treatment and all with a smile ‘                                                                                                                              ~ woman age 36

 ‘I found acupuncture very good, symptoms pain had gone within 4 weeks, allowing me to go on holiday in Good health’                              ~ Man age 25

 ‘Treatment was executed very professionally and helped relieve the pain’                                                                                                                                    ~ Man age 72

 ‘ Excellent service thank you ‘                                                            ~ Man age 41

 ‘I Found staff very compassionate, helpful friendly’             ~Woman age 33                                     

 ‘ I use to have bad headaches and back pain plus pins and needles down one side now they have all gone thank to the help’                            ~Woman age 37

‘ Having suffered for many years and tried most tried and trusted forms of pain relief none of which worked, Acupuncture was final attempt to rid myself of pain, and  after just a few sessions I could feel the improvement, and by the time I had received my course of treatment the difference has been remarkable ‘   ~Woman age 46 

‘ I was in severe pain, I was suffering from ear pain, pain in my whole face, near the sinus area, I tried Ear Candle and after 2 hours  i was fully relieved from the pain , Ear candle is really very helpful in relieving pain. Thanks to Shabnam for her care and support. ‘                                                                          ~  woman age 38

‘Restless legs and  frozen shoulder for years all gone thank you  ‘     ~Man age 58




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